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Inner Strength, Inc strives to develop conscientious and professional medical qigong healthcare providers, by addressing the raw materials, the external qi and the spiritual needs essential to health.


This well rounded approach can allows the clinician to work with a larger base of clients, and produce more effective healing that using one modality alone. Our programs also offer an in-depth foundation in Classical Chinese Medicine.


Our programs are for those who wish to be the Optimal Qigong Healthcare Provider, who will  serve people through compassion and understanding, and develop intuition and skills needed to provide a mind, body and spirit approach to healthcare.



Inner Strength was founded by Dr. Ted J. Cibik, one of the first Doctors of Medical Qigong in North America. His Naturopathic / herbal clinic has been in operation since 1991. His studentsí benefit from his years of working with patients, and his ongoing passion for the study of Chinese medicine and Taoist practices.

Our courses are held at our 66 acre Wellness and Retreat center in Western PA. Students find the peace and restorative energy of nature as an integral part of their training.







NEW PROGRAM:: Immortal Seasonal Qigong Retreat Program : 

Begins April 2017

4 Five Day retreats held seasonally to focus on the qigong practices, meditations, herbs, foods, and philosophies that support the body mind and soul in each season.

Program counts towards hours for various NQA certification levels.


details here

This very special program will NOT be held every year.



Doctorate in Medical Qigong (3rd year) :: May 2017

Open to those holding a Masters in Medical Qigong or equivalent. 1 year program.   details here


  Masters  in Medical Qigong (2nd yr) :: September 2017

Open to those holding a Medical Qigong Therapist or equivalent. 1 year program. 

 details here



 Medical Qigong Therapist Program (1st year) November 2017

For those interested in teaching qigong exercise or work with clients for tonifications and qigong exercise prescription.

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This class is a Prerequisite for those interested in the

Masters of Medical Qigong or Doctorate in Medical Qigong.



Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

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